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Off line business promotional methods

Hello – I would like to say welcome to which is a great place to stop off at if you are seeking information on the subject area of off line promotional methods for your business. There is so much talk about online promotion for companies thesedays that I think many people forget that there is still huge scope for attracting new customers using the more traditional methods of promotion.

Getting your off line promotion right is still hugely important as bad decisions can alienate potential customers and empty your cash reserves fast. On this blog we will cover a variety of topics in this more traditional marketing sector. Do feel free to add your comments.

Modular Display Stands

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Exhibitions and trade fairs are a great place for you to show case your business and having a professionally designed display stand can go a long way when it comes to attracting new clientele.

There is a great number of exhibition stand designs on the market today but it is the modular type designs that are by far the most popular. Owing to their incredible flexibility, these modular type display stands coupled with quality display graphics can be an amazing tool for luring trade show visitors to your exhibit pitch. So, let’s go into a little more detail as to what makes these sorts of stands so great.

To begin with modular stands are great when it comes to transportation as they come apart / fold away and can be stored within modest sized cases. This makes them brilliant for companies who plan to cover a number of trade events in a short period of time as they can be erected and taken down in no time at all. These stands can also be set up in a variety of sizes due to their modular construction. This means that just one exhibition kit can cater for trade shows when your exhibit pitch varies greatly in size. As a result, you will not have to purchase many different stands to suit different occasions when just one modular stand will cover all situations.

Secondly, modular exhibition stands offer you total flexibility and can offer solutions for almost any display stand design you can think of. You will be able to create panel walling, displays that glow, exhibition meeting rooms as well as a variety of display systems to show off your company. This broad range of solutions is made possible by the modular design and the lightweight yet very strong aluminium frame work.

Thirdly, modular trade show displays are very simple to use meaning that company employees will have no trouble in setting up the stand. This means that your company will save a great deal of money by not having to call in a third party firm to do the set up for you.

Trade show displays have moved on in leaps and bounds in recent years. With the modular design of these modern products, they are easy to put up, take down and transport. What’s more, they are totally flexible so can easily adapt to any trade event that your firm shows up to. All in all, modular display stands are an absolute must for all your exhibition and trade events.